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Department of Youth

"Reach One Teach One"

The youth ministry is led by mentors who lead by example.  The focus of the youth department is outreach—not just in Amarillo, but beyond. The goal is to extend the outreach of care and concern for the future by establishing biblical truths and biblical principles that avoid tailoring the text according to the times.  Teaching today’s youth how to remain faithful to the landmarks which ensure that the blood of God’s truths circulate to the least extreme and remote parts of the body. The focus of the GLT Youth Department is to teach and train young people how to maintain their attendance and responsibility in becoming future leaders. GLT Performing arts, stomp teams, praise teams, choirs, mimes, drumlines, plays, and service projects in the community are just a few activities youth can explore as they learn biblical truths and biblical principles.

Department of Youth: What We Do
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