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Improper Assembly of The Body of Christ

by: Bishop J.G. Riles Sr.

Improper Assembly of the Body of Christ is a book written to challenge how the church today looks at, extracts, ingests, and dissects scripture, especially with our recipe used to congregate and formulate the assembling of the true church. This book is a strong reminder of the biblical protocol. In this book, Bishop Riles seeks to reestablish biblical principles and truths. It is written to increase unity in the body of Christ and tear down and remove walls, barriers, and partisans never supposed to have been in the first place. It is to ensure that the blood of God's truth circulates to the least extreme and remotest parts of the body of Christ. Pauper or king, Sunday stroller or Holy Roller, we must all strive to be the church of the faith, where everybody is welcome to take a seat.

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Who Am I?

by: Cassie Washington Williams 

When you look in the mirror— Who are you? Who do you see? The truth is what you need to see is the person that God sees. That’s what we will discover together and talk about on your new journey. Changing the image of who you see in the mirror and learning to see yourself as God sees you. Accepting what God says about you and becoming the person He has called you to be. What you need to see is that God’s opinion of you is the only opinion that really counts. Your true identity doesn’t depend on something you have or haven’t done. Your true identity is who you are in Christ. It’s time to stop allowing people to define you by a truth and to start holding on to the truth of God’s word.

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